Monday, December 12, 2005

Advent: Week 3 Day 2

The Vision of Elijah

(To read this picture, start on the left, and go clockwise.)

"There was a mighty wind, but God was not there.
There was an erthquake, but God was not there.
Then there was a fire but God was not there.

Then there was a tiny whispering sound, and Elijah bowed and hid his face..."

Although this little sequence is very Chestertonian, it does not need a lot of commentary. The paradox is very clear. It is something which "associates an infant with the unknown strength that sustains the stars..." [See GKC's The Everlasting Man for more on this.]

Indeed, I don't recall anyone ever explaining what that sound was.

But I think it was the sound of a newborn baby, happy in His mother's arms.

Now go and bow before Him, and hide your face; then take a good long look... (He's waiting for you!)


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