Sunday, November 13, 2005

A fantastic piece of music

As I am part musician - which may account for my craziness - I often listen to music. (Alas, it is only part - and in some all-too-remote part of my being!)

And I like lots of different kinds, by which I mean I like "rock-and-roll" as well as "classical". I will not argue such points now, for that is like arguing how one likes tuna salad - (ahem!) for one might not want tuna salad today, even if one likes it... Anyhow, I want to tell you about one particular musical work, which is not at all like tuna salad.

One day some years ago, around about the time CDs started to become available, my friend who is a REAL organist (at a Cathedral, yes!) and I were visiting another friend who is also an organist in my town and a music teacher. He wanted to play a new CD he had gotten... He put it on and - WOW - were we blown away! An amazing piece of music - it starts with an orchestra, but soon adds organ - and the battle begins! Very excellent, dudes, yeah, really!

Now you want to know what this excellent piece is. It is called "Symphonie Concertante" and it was written by Joseph Jungen. I purchased mine from The Organ Historical Society. And though I cannot easily give you a sample of the music, I will here repeat their catalog comment:

"one of the most spectacular of a spate of late 19th and early 20th century pieces written to display the combatative possibilites of setting a full orchestra and a large concert organ at each others' throats."

Which may give you some sense of just how wonderful this music is.


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