Friday, November 25, 2005

Alert - Longest Advent about to start!

Please be aware that this year we have the longest possible Advent - four full weeks!

The official start, of course, comes tomorrow evening with the First Vespers (Evening Prayer I).

Let us then prepare - and make sure we have some extra oil for our lamps! As GKC warns us:

"Let us first of all consider, my brethren, the value of Light."
-- GKC, Heretics CW1:46


At 26 November, 2005 07:55, Blogger rhapsody said...

Good morning, Dr. Thursday,

Thank you for posting this.

Am not staying long, as I'm contagious-


OW! again- I keep doing that- will have to try laughing again later.

Was supposed to sing tonight at a farewell for one of our parish priests, but will not be able to make it...

Do have to go out for a little bit, but will try to avoid breathing on the masses :)

Should have switched to tea this am

Going to go study a scrabble move-

& hopin' I'm postin' this time!


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