Wednesday, August 24, 2005

SWQR: Who Is Bugs Potter?

Who Is Bugs Potter? by Gordon Korman (Location: Extremely Good Fiction)

This book, like all the others I have by GK (not to be confused with the OTHER GK as in GKC) is very funny. My mother always knew how good it was going to be by counting the number of times I laughed out loud while reading it. Dave Potter (called Bugs by his friends) is a drummer - a fantastic drummer - possibly the greatest drummer in the world. In fact he is The Most. But he is only fifteen. He is in Toronto to play with the North American High School Band Festival. But the music they play is boring, easy stuff that according to Bugs, nobody has to practice - like Strauss and Gershwin. So he and his roommate Adam (a "flute-dude" to Bugs, a flautist to everyone else) escape their strict curfew to check out the night club scene. At "Dante's Inferno" they find the famous rock group Endomorph, and Bugs begs the chance to play drums for a song... Meanwhile two crooks are attempting to steal the fabulous "Falusi Emerald" valued at $4.2 million. Lots of loud music, great puns, and pure fun. (I don't know if Bugs is related to Harry - it might explain a lot.)


At 27 August, 2005 09:56, Blogger rhapsody said...

Sounds like a good one, Dr. T- my list of must-reads is growing...
Had a friend's drum set parked in my living room many years ago. As it was a studio apartment, it took up a lot of space. Once in a while, until they were moved to their permanent home, I'd turn up the volume and give 'em a workout.
Luckily it was an apartment above a garage, so the only complaints I got were from the meeses.



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