Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Something I forgot in a previous SWQR

Whe I wrote about Tirpule Trouble For Rupert in a previous posting, I neglected to mention that it is one source of an important phrase Ilike to use. Actually I learned the phrase from a friend and former co-worker long ago. (I don't know if he got it from the book, or if it is one of those things that everybody uses. Nor am I going to do the verbal archaeology needed to track it down...)

Anyhow, the phrase is used when you are having something really good to eat (or drink). You say "it tastes like more".

Also, I did mention that I have found Mrs. Parkinson's "worky" to be a very nice word. In the most recent Harry Potter installment, there were a couple of others in that same form: kicky, and scratchy, and I forget what else. (This is where the two house-elves are fighting, and Peeves is doing the commentary.) I was asked to write a review of HP and perhaps I will someday - but not just yet. (Maybe once #7 is out.)

Also, speaking of Harry Potter, he was a character in an Ellery Queen story from rather long ago - when I find that book again I will give you the details.

OK that's enough for this post. Now on to some more fun...


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